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About 30 years ago my first steps on the spiritual path were TM and the TM Sidhi program (yogic flying). Being and healing in silence  is my passion. Since 2006 I am a Sat Nam Rasayan healer.

My working space is in a huge circus wagon with 3 compartments:

In the first room there is a table with 2 chairs

In the second room I use a massage table where I like to work with Holistic Pulsing

In the space in the back of the wagon I offer healing. The clients most of the time experience a relaxing treatment

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De Vet Medi@ctive BV
Rob de Vet
Produktieweg 1
NL-6045 JC Roermond

Fon: + 49 2 41 – 4 09 58 90
Fon: + 31 43 – 3 06 06 98